Why Should I Alternate Skeins?

I risk this MOST of the time. I buy 5 skeins of a hand-dyed yarn to make a sweater, and go serially through each skein as you normally would!  I've gotten pretty good at opening the skeins in the shop before I buy them, and make sure they all look alike. BUT....

Love Socks for Baby!

If you SAW the photo for the Love Socks Knit Along, and you SAW the little baby version, and you FELL right in love, here is how I made them!! First, I used the Baby Socks pattern by Kate Atherley so I would know how many to cast on, how to do the heel flap, etc. I...

12 Things I Learned Making 12 Sweaters in 12 Months

By Dorian Owen A couple years ago I logged all of my yarn into Ravelry as an easy way to keep track of it all. It’s handy to determine if you have the yarn for the project you want to make, or if you get to go shopping (!). Then I hit the dreaded “Export to Excel”...

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Learn To Knit

OK, it’s TIME. You’ve wanted to, so snuggle up, leave the dishes in the sink, and let’s KNIT. I promise you’ll thank me later! Let’s Do It!

Learn To Crochet

Let’s learn to CROCHET! Sometimes it is fun to put the knitting needles down and SPEED through a project with your crochet hook. You’ll LOVE it!  Let’s Get Started!