Butterfly Effect CAL

Butterfly Effect CAL Part One: Getting Started

It’s time for some crochet action!  In this video, we learn how to get started on The Butterfly Effect shawl. I am an experienced crochetist, and even I got confused for a minute trying to switch my brain from KNITTING to CROCHET!

This video will explain to you what the HECK you are looking at, how this should grow, and how to get going. Have FUN!

Butterfly Effect Part Two: Shaping the Butterflies

Time for the BEST PART! Shaping the butterflies!  This video skips around to the most IMPORTANT parts of making the beautiful, lacy butterflies!

Butterfly Effect CAL: Edging & Finishing!

Yahoo!  The hard part is over, time to finish up the one raw edge we have with a beautiful edging. Push to the finish everyone!

Butterfly Effect CAL: Wet Blocking & Shaping

Wet blocking is one of THE BEST ways to get a garment to keep its shape!  Below is a little photo diary of my Butterfly Effect shawl getting a nice bath!

  • When you bathe your shawl, be sure to use room temperature water, and a wool wash such as Kookaburra or Soak Wash. Submerge the shawl, and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Drain the water out of the tub, then rinse the soap from the shawl. FOLD and PRESS the water out of the shawl, never wring it!
  • Plop the amoeba-like shawl onto a towel, and try to get it in one layer.
  • Roll up the shawl in the towel!
  • Gently squeeze the rolled up towel to get excess water out of the shawl. I use TWO towels, and do this TWICE!
  • Lay the shawl onto a flat surface (that you will NOT ruin with damp wool, ahem), and shape it to perfection: make sure the edges are straight, the butterflies are shaped nicely, and the scalloped edging is pulled to near points.
  • Keep the cats off the dining table, and in 24 hours, it will be dry and ready to wear!