Stranded colorwork can be SO FUN and SO BEAUTIFUL, yet SO FRUSTRATING!

The sweater that I am making in this video (Dottie’s Pullover) was cast on like, FOUR YEARS AGO. It’s a bottom-up sweater, and when doing the decreases, I wanted to try it on to make sure it was fitting nicely. As I put the half-finished sweater on over my head, one of the LONG purple strands snagged on my bra strap, and I got stuck in that damn thing on a 100 degree day, and I was ALONE. Insert eyeroll emoji here.

I got so mad that I put it away for several years. When raiding my stash, I found that sucker, RIPPED THE ENTIRE THING OUT, and started over, vowing to figure out how to catch those pesky floats as I went.

And you know what happened as a side effect?? My colorwork LAID FLAT! Normally it looks a touch warped or scrunched or pinched because those strands set across the back and PULL. I was THRILLED beyond belief, and am now right back in love with this sweater! I feel like I am finally learning to master my colorwork.

My next mission is to figure the best way to do this with MULTIPLE colors, since I only have it really nailed down with two. Stay tuned for that!