The Golden Hour KAL

PROJECT: The Golden Hour

I am just MESMERIZED by this shawl!  There are so many fun facets to it: color-work, nups, garter ridges, yarn overs – it makes it beautiful to look at, and entertaining to make.  This is one of those intricate patterns that is pretty much guaranteed to stave off boredom. TV knitting with the beautiful expanse of stockinette MUST be done in front of the TV since there is a small amount of entertainment factor there!

Links to Pattern & Author: The Golden Hour by Andrea Mowry

YARN: Homegrown by Independence Street Yarn

I was SO proud to use a yarn that was born and raised on sheep in Colorado, spun up in Colorado, and of course dyed in Colorado! It was a wonderful change from the more machine-processed yarns, and my shawl was so fluffy and light and airy, yet still SO VERY WARM for the coming Colorado winter.

Links to Yarn & Dyer: Homegrown by Independence Street Yarn

Golden Hour Shawl: Tips & Tricks

Andrea Mowry has already made such wonderful videos (all of them embedded below) on the special techniques needed for this shawl. So, MY video is just a few hints on this shawl that will make things a hair easier, like doing the color-work when the WRONG color is beneath it, etc.

Garter Tab Cast On Tutorial

What a treat!  Technical vids made from the designer herself! If you have never made a shawl before that starts with this funny thing called a “garter tab cast on”, prepare to be amazed!  It is EXTREMELY easy to execute; it’s just the rotation of the tab and the picking up of stitches that is a bit odd to tackle without a video. So, watch and learn and DO!

Bobble Tutorial

Watch in awe how one single stitch turns into MANY, then back into ONE, making this adorable little lump of yarn we lovingly call A BOBBLE.

Cable Cast On Tutorial

If you don’t own my Craftsy video 40 Ways To Cast On And Bind Off, and you have never heard of the Cable Cast On, you’ll wanna watch this vid when it comes time to cast on in the Golden Hour Shawl.