You. Guys.

I got the best tip the other day from a lovely expert knitter / future Bliss teacher after I finished up the lovely Northman Mittens by David Schulze….


….and they were TOO. SMALL.

I didn’t even NOTICE how much tighter and tighter my knitting was getting!  I had one color wrapped around my left index finger and the other around my right, and was REALLY getting into the knitting English AND Continental at the same time, and I started picking up speed and MOWING through rows…

By the time I was done, the bottom was normal size, the middle was at LEAST a size down, and the top? MINI.

So!  Lamenting at WIP Night, Anna tells me “You know, someone gave me this tip and it changed my life: knit them INSIDE OUT.”  Say what??

So I drank a glass of wine, then RIPPED. I cast on and did about 10 rows as I normally would on the Magic Loop (this works for Double Pointed Needles also). After 10 rows, I turned it WRONG side out!  And kept knitting in pattern!  EEEK!


The rough bit is to trick your brain into knitting along the INSIDE edge as shown here. Its still really the OUTSIDE, its just in the little tube here. See?  Not hard at all!


Yup. Life Changing. Oh, and Mitten Fitting. ?