Knife Grinder’s Daughter KAL

I can already tell you I plan to LIVE in this sweater. It’s a boxy shape, so it drapes SO good and hides rumply stuff, and the box shape makes it EASY to knit cuz NO SHAPING. Dream project!

Grab yourself some Soft Squish from Independence Street Yarn (or any fingering / sock weight yarn will do) in your fave color and make one of your own. All the technique vids are below, and don’t forget tech support is readily available in the Streetalongs Facebook Group.

Ready to cast on?? Grab the Knife Grinder’s Daughter pattern off Ravelry and let’s get going!

Casting On with a Tubular Cast On

Although you can choose whatever your favorite cast on is, I thought I would take this opportunity to teach you how to turn the Tubular Cast on in Rib into a 2×2 cast on (since by default, it is a 1×1 rib). Easy, fun, and RAD!

Working Body with Two Skeins

Hand-dyed yarns are BY FAR my favorite to work with. However, some of the skeins differ just a bit even though they are the same color. This can lead to distinct lines across the body of your project making it OBVIOUS that the skeins are different (just ask Johannah, her experience documented in a blog post here). Here is a quick video showing you how to use TWO skeins in the body of this sweater!

Separating Front & Back

Time for some fabulous shoulder shaping!  Let’s separate the front from the back, and work each side back and forth until we come to the shoulder shaping. We’ll go over all the stitches you need to shape the front shoulders and the back shoulders!

Shaping the Shoulders

Decreases and binding off and short rows!  YES!  This is gonna give our shoulders a GREAT curve using short rows to build bulk only where we want it.

Join Shoulders & Start Sleeves

Whew! Shoulder shaping is all done! Time to join the front to the back along the shoulders, and THEN pick up stitches around each arm for the start of the sleeves. We’ll chat about how to pick up stitches, and how to perform the decreases to shape the sleeves.

Sleeve Bind Off

I am CONSTANTLY pushing my sleeves up my arms, so I am gonna use a stretchy bind off for my sleeves!  The Sewn Bind Off is my fave for the cuffs of toe-up socks, so let’s use it here!

Neck Ribbing & Finishing!!!

Yahooooooo!  It’s time to get this sucker done!  Let’s pick up stitches for neck ribbing, bind it off, and WEAR IT ALL DAY EVERY DAY!