Learn To Crochet Part One: The Chain Stitch

Yay, it’s about TIME you learned to Crochet!

Crochet was my FIRST LOVE, and I learned to do it before I learned to knit. It is WONDERFUL! In this very first video, I’ll demonstrate The Chain Stitch, which is the first thing you need to know to get started!

Start here, then watch the tutorial for The Single Crochet, The Double Crochet, and finally, The Cowl!

Learn To Crochet Part Two: The Single Crochet

Now that you have practiced practiced and practiced some MORE with The Chain Stitch, you are ready to move on to the Single Crochet!

Learn To Crochet Part Three: The Double Crochet

This one will be EASY now that you have The Single Crochet down!  Just a few extra moves, but big bang for your buck since the stitch is so tall and fluffy and FAST!

Learn To Crochet Part Four: The Cowl!

And you are DONE with your crochet primer, congrats!  Now it’s time to MAKE A THING!

Put those 3 stitches to work and make yourself a cowl with BUTTONS! You’ll be surprised how FAST it goes! And now you have a gift to whip out for EVERYONE!