Buying Your First Supplies

In this lesson, we talk about the supplies you need to get started, and where to get them from:

  • Yarn in a Ball Format (Not too skinny, like string! Get something kinda chunky!)
  • Needles to Match the Yarn (Straight or Circulars, your choice!)

Watch the video to learn all about how to pick the yarn for our Learn To Knit class!

Casting On

Hooray!  You have yarn, you have needles, you have COURAGE!  Let’s turn this string and these sticks into scarf making magic!






The Knit Stitch

Now that you have MASTERED the Cast On, let’s learn to KNIT!






The Purl Stitch

Seriously, this one is JUST a mirror image of the knit stitch! You are SUPER ON YOUR WAY to being a knitting novice!!!





The Scarf!

YES!  Let’s put our Knit’n and a’ Purl’n skills together and MAKE A THING!

There is now a pattern to follow, so download the LearnToKnit.pdf file here!