If you SAW the photo for the Love Socks Knit Along, and you SAW the little baby version, and you FELL right in love, here is how I made them!!

First, I used the Baby Socks pattern by Kate Atherley so I would know how many to cast on, how to do the heel flap, etc. I did a 1 x 1 rib in the main color, then I busted into the stripes like you would in the original Love Socks pattern. However, instead of changing colors every 4 rows, you change color every TWO rows!

Next, you’ll need a little heart chart for the heel flap. In her pattern, she has 3 sizes: Newborn, 6 Months, and 9-12 Months. I made a little chart below that you can use for whichever size you want to make! IMPORTANT: Just like in the original Love Socks pattern, you must make 1 in order to have an odd number in your heel flap to center the heart!  If you count in the chart below, you will notice that each size has one extra stitch than the pattern calls for. Don’t forget to decrease by 1 on the last row of the heel flap to get back to what the pattern calls for!

Lastly, I think I picked up a few more stitches on the side of each heel flap than what it calls for. I normally do this simply because I don’t want any gaps, so I go with the flow!

That’s it!