Love Socks KAL

I made two pairs of these socks as a wedding gift (and the bonus baby ones when I found out they were expecting!), and there is SO MUCH good stuff to learn in this project we decided to make it a KAL.

These top-down heel-flap socks are a GREAT basic design that you will see in MANY sock patterns. The colorwork in the heel uses both Fair Isle (stranded) and Intartia, so you get to learn both!

All the videos in this series show instructions for Two At A Time socks, so you will walk away from this project with SO MUCH new knowledge!

Ready to cast on?? Download the Lovesocks pattern by Devon Clement off her website and let’s get going!

OOO, also, if you wanna make the Baby Love Socks, read my blog post for instructions!

Prepping Your Yarn for Two At A Time Socks

Hey Knitters! I am using Foot Bliss by Independence Street yarn in Toasted Marshmallow and Granite. I have a full skein of each, and a mini of Raspberry Mocha.

Now, keep in mind that you now have TWO skeins of sock yarn, which means you can make TWO pairs! So, when you are doing Two At A Time socks, you have to divide up your skein into TWO balls, one for each sock. However, since you can make TWO pairs, you might as well just divide up the skein into FOUR balls while you are at it!  Two for the first pair of socks, and two for the second. Clear as mud?


I have a video called Dividing One Skein Into Two Balls that shows how to use a cheapy food scale to divide the yarn up.  In this case, you want to wind and weigh your yarn, then divide it by FOUR!

Let’s say your skein is 100 grams. Divided by 4, that is 25 grams per ball. So, start winding, and stop after you have a 25 gram ball (the scale will read 75 grams). Cut the yarn, set the ball aside. Then, wind another 25 gram ball (the scale will read 50 grams). You get the idea!

Tuck TWO of the Granite balls and TWO of the Toasted Marshmallow balls into a project bag for your second pair. Don’t worry, you should have plenty of the mini skein in Raspberry Sorbet to do the hearts on all four socks!

What Needles Should I Use?

So I did the cast on all the way through the heel flap on US 1.5’s. This way, the cast on, ribbing, and ankle are pretty stretchy as they are in a larger needle size.  After the heel flap, I changed to US 0’s so the foot will be nice and fitted! This is the advice that Devon gives in her pattern, and it worked out pretty great!

Love Socks Video: Getting Started

Time to cast on!  Now, in these videos, I demonstrate all the techniques using Two At A Time using the Magic Loop method. The needles I am using here are 40″ US 1.5 (later I switch to 40″ US 0’s for the feet), but I don’t show how to cast on. Why you ask? Cuz I have a video’s! Watch the vid Dividing One Skein Into Two Balls (although remember, I divide into 4 in this case) to learn how to divide up a skein equally, then watch Two At A Time Cast On to get yourself going!

Love Socks Video: Colorwork Heel

It’s time for the heel flap, and a lesson in colorwork!

This vid shows you how to do both Stranded or Fair Isle colorwork, as well as Intartia colorwork. Get your learn on!

Love Socks Video: Turning The Heel

Now that the heel flaps and the HEARTS are all done, it’s time to work the heel turn!

Here we will show you how to work the short rows to get the heel turn DONE.

Love Socks Video: Picking Up Stitches & Decreases

OK, get ready for the crazy town that is trying to pick up stitches AND do decreases ALL still doing Magic Loop and Two At A Time!  It’s the Knitting Olympics!!

Don’t worry, this still translates to One At A Time and DPN’s. BUT, if you are ready for a challenge, crack open your favorite beer and let’s get it done!

Here is a photo of the crazy mess you will have while knitting Two At A Time socks on Magic Loop with two colors! Ha!

This should remind you how the cable on your Magic Loop should flow as you knit these socks. Just like in the beginning, on the BOTTOM part of the cable you have all of your Instep stitches. On the TOP part of the needle, you have all of your Heel stitches. Now, you can see how CRAZY the heel stitches are, the cable is a roller coaster!  This is OK. As you decrease every other round on the heel stitches, this will slowly creep back down to the same amount of stitches you have on the instep stitches. Then you are DONE with the decreases! So, go slowly, and you’ll do just fine.

It’s! Toe! Time!

You guys!  This is it!  You are done with the toe, and now it is time to graft it together with the Kitchener Stitch!  HOORAY!