The Soldotna Crop is JUST. SO. CUTE!

The ladies from Colorful Eclectic Yarn and Six & Seven Fiber thought so, too!  So much so that they are sponsoring this beautiful knit along lovingly know as Soldotnalong.

The yoke on this sweater is so very detailed, incorporating FOUR colors! I remember always admiring these sweaters and thinking there was NO WAY I could ever make one, that it is TOO complicated, that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to manage all those colors at once!

But in reality, it is VERY easy!  You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast the beautiful pattern emerges. And, don’t worry, if you are a bit intimidated and are hesitating at joining in, THAT IS WHAT I AM HERE FOR!  Below you will find all the tech support videos to help get you to each milestone! And, there is a community on Instagram (just follow the hashtag #soldotnalong) where you can ask questions, post photos, and show off your new beloved.

Ready to cast on??

Soldotnalong: Swatching & Colorwork

In our first vid, we talk about how to swatch appropriately in the round AND with colorwork!

Soldotnalong: Casting On

Although you can choose any cast on you prefer, I like to keep it simple with a Long Tail Cast On in Rib. I’ll show ya how!

Soldotnalong: Short Rows

What the heck are short rows, and why do we need them at all? Aurora explains it ALL.

Soldotnalong: Separating Sleeves

Yahoo!  The YOKE is done! Let’s put the sleeves on HOLD for now, and knit the rest of the body.

Soldotnalong: Stretchy Bind Off

My favorite stretchy bind off is Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, and I’ll show you just how to do it!

Soldotnalong: Picking Up Sleeves

The home stretch!  Let’s get these sleeves done!