The Purl Code KAL
Join us for the new Streetalong, and make The Purl Code Sweater with us!

Grab your kit from Independence Street Yarns and knit along with us, using the video episodes below with ALL the stuff you need to know to CODE your very own sweater. Also, don’t forget to grab The Purl Code by Isabell Kraemer pattern off Ravelry!

Furthermore, we have a Facebook Group called Streetalongs! that you can join and post photos, as questions, and get lots of supportive CHEERING as you progress.


The Spirit of Thankfulness

It’s that time of year!  Michelle and I reflect on the things we are thankful for, and look forward to CODING our awesome sweaters!

The Purl Code Cheat Sheet

Ready for life to get easy? Download this printable Cheat Sheet and write in all the thoughts, words, phrases, names, places, poems, etc. that make you feel THANKFUL. You’ll use this to knit all your Morse code messages into your sweater!

Episode 1: Prepwork for Coding

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This is Episode One in the tech support video series! Here we talk about all the things you need to get started, including a tour of the Purl Code Cheat Sheet (available for download here).

Episode 2: Cast On & Short Rows

Oh my stars, how much I love German short rows!  After a very easy cast on, let’s get down to biz on shaping the yoke!