I risk this MOST of the time. I buy 5 skeins of a hand-dyed yarn to make a sweater, and go serially through each skein as you normally would!  I’ve gotten pretty good at opening the skeins in the shop before I buy them, and make sure they all look alike.

BUT. Sometimes, this happens. Then you say the EFF word a LOT:

See that super obvious line where one hand-dyed skein ended, and the next began? GAH!

Enter the best practice of alternating skeins of hand-dyed yarn. Let’s say you are making a sweater. You’ll want to use 2 skeins alternating for the body of the sweater, so wind up 2 of them. If you are working in the round, then you will knit ONE round with the first ball, then knit ONE round with the second ball. Leave both attached to your sweater, but pick up the alternate strand during each round so you are knitting from both balls at once.

If you are working back and forth, you will do one knit row, then one purl row, then switch. In both cases, there will be little strands running along the inside of your work when you switch.

You’ll want to also do this with each sleeve, so make sure you always have 2 balls to work with! This sound like it might take SO MUCH TIME, but I promise you, there MAY or MAY NOT have been tears when frogging the sweater above back to the color work to START OVER. Trust me, that is much more painful!